Top Search Queries

This tool uses to find a website’s most popular search queries in a small number of popular regions around the world. The following columns are displayed:

  • Rank – The average rank of the website in search results for the query.
  • Volume – The average monthly search volume for that query in the region.
  • CPC – The broad cost-per-click for advertising that query in the region if available. If no data is displayed in this column, then the keyword is not advertised enough in that region, or Google AdWords did not provide data for it during the last index.
  • Difficulty – An estimation of how difficult it is to rank for this keyword, on a scale from 0 to 100.
  • Clicks – An estimation of how many clicks your website receives from this keyword.
  • Homepages – The average number of top results for this keyword that point to a home page.

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