Submit Sitemaps

The “submit sitemaps” tool is used to immediately notify search engines that the sitemap file has been updated and to request that they crawl the links contained within. Otherwise, you may have to wait weeks for them to discover new changes to your sitemaps on their own.

In fact, this tool works so quickly that you can see Google’s bots fetching the latest version of the sitemap in your server logs within seconds of using it.

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Why Submit Sitemap?

If you introduce new content to your website, you may either wait till search engines discover it, or you can help them out by providing a sitemap.

You can learn more about this topic from Google or Bing.

Why Use This Tool?

There are multiple ways how you can notify search engines about new content.

  • You can resubmit your sitemap in Bing or Google webmaster tools.
  • You can visit a special URL that will notify search engines about your new sitemap.
  • You can use this tool and it will on your behalf ping Google and Bing.

How It Works

This tool pings Google and Bing with the URL of your sitemap. It will also store this URL in a cookie, so you can easily resubmit it in the future.

I hope you enjoy using the tool, cheers!