Sitemap Checker

This tool looks for sitemaps on a domain like a web crawler would, and shows the following information for each:

  • Status – The HTTP status code for the sitemap.
  • Type – The format of the sitemap.
  • Entries – The number of location entries inside the sitemap.
  • Visibility – A rating for how easy it was to discover the sitemap. For example, a score of 100% shows that the sitemap was immediately discovered upon crawling, while a score of 70% means that it took a considerable number of HTTP requests to discover the sitemap.

This tool is capable of reading sitemaps in the XML or RSS format. It will discover sitemaps from the robots.txt file and will attempt to load the root sitemap.xml file. It will also follow a single layer of nested sitemaps from inside the sitemap.xml file.

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